David Lapp For Mayor

# Lapp Team 2017

"Genuinely Interested In Everyone"

Mayor David


I was born in this town in March of 1984, the 4th in a family of six kids. I grew up in the Northeast community of Rundle, and both of my parents are professional classical musicians. As a boy, delivering the Calgary Herald to neighbours was part of the morning routine. Growing up, I attended public, private, charter, online, and home schools.

I've worked just about any job in Calgary that you can think of. Volunteering and community initiatives have always been a part of my DNA. From helping with ESL and GED courses to assisting with children's reading programs; from volunteering at church summer camps to helping serve meals to Calgary's underprivileged, there has always been something that needed doing.

I've served at community resource centers and on neighbourhood Community Association boards. I've never shied away from answering the call, from serving my neighbourhood or my city.

Lapp black and white sitting